Outreach & Home Delivery Services

What are the Library's Outreach & Home Delivery Services?

The Stoughton Public Library strives to make all programs and services accessible to everyone.  The Outreach & Home Delivery Services are free resources for Stoughton residents of all ages who, for whatever reason, find themselves homebound and unable to visit the library.  Essentially, we bring the library to you!

How does the Home Delivery Service work?

The Library's Home Delivery Service offers free delivery of materials with friendly visits to homebound residents.  Books, audiobooks, magazines and DVDs are delivered by our Outreach Coordinator, Christine Iacobucci, on a regular basis.  Any circulating material can be requested.  A patron may request specific titles or Christine will be happy to select materials based on their interests.

How do I register for the Home Delivery Service?

If you or someone you know would benefit from this service please contact Christine by phone at 781-344-2711 or by emailing her at ciacobucci@stoughton.ocln.org.

Outreach Services at Senior Housing Complexes

In addition to individual home delivery, the Outreach Coordinator actively partners with senior housing complexes to offer programming, such as short story discussions and crafts. Christine currently visits West Stoughton Village, Rose Forte, LaCivita Court, Stoughton Memorial Village, Brookmeadow at Blue Hills and Stoughton's Council on Aging.

Digital Outreach Services

Borrowing e-Books and e-Audiobooks is another way to use the Library from the comfort of your home.  If you are interested in this option Christine can schedule a visit and show you how to use these and other Library offered digital resources.

Equipment Lending

The Stoughton Public Library lends various equipment to its Outreach patrons.  This equipment includes lap desks, CD players, Kindle E-Readers and Optalec Magnifiers. Home delivery and tutorial are also provided by Christine.

  1. Christine Iacobucci

    Outreach Services Coordinator