Permanent Art Collection

The Board of Library Trustees of Stoughton Public Library is dedicated to retaining for the community works of native artists as well as local authors. These are an invaluable representation of the cultural heritage of Stoughton, deserving of a place in any permanent collection of works of art.

It has been a part of Stoughton Public Library policy since its inception to maintain a basic art collection as well as reading materials. Early Trustees conscientiously purchased prints to decorate the reading rooms; several funds were bequeathed for the purpose of beautifying the library building. In later years, records show that well-known photographer George Gerard and the public-minded local artist Mort Lamb often collaborated in advising the Trustees on purchases of artworks for the library. It is in this spirit that the present Trustees have carried on the tradition of an art collection for the Public Library.

The Library's collection of F. Mortimer Lamb's works is an unusually fine one, purchased periodically by former Trustees. It was not possible to display these paintings suitably in the old building (Lucius Clapp Memorial), but upon the move to the present building, Miss Beatrice Monk, cousin of the artist, generously provided the funds to restore and hang them properly in the Wales French meeting room. At a recent exhibit of prominent American artists at the Fuller Memorial Art Museum in Brockton, five of these paintings were on loan.

Charles Vermoskie, one of Mr. Lamb's students and a Stoughton resident, is also represented in past purchases by Trustees, with three paintings of local scenes.

In this Bicentennial 250th Anniversary year, various funds were available to the present Trustees for updating the Library's Art Collection. No purchases of this sort have been made for several years. Through the State Grant in Aid to public libraries which annually meets the minimum standards of public library service in Massachusetts, it was possible to purchase two new works by local artists as the Library's gift to commemorate the Town of Stoughton's 250th Anniversary in this Bicentennial Year. The Trustees proudly announce the acquisition of "The Elder De Flumeri" by David Sullivan and "Nothguots" by Jack Wolfe.