Development Services

Stoughton Development ServicesDevelopment Services was established to integrate all of the town's Land Use divisions into a single function, as a means for fostering responsible development and economic growth while preserving Stoughton's unique community character. There are several departments/ divisions that fall under Development Services:

  • Board of Health
  • Building, Zoning Department and Code Enforcement Department
  • Conservation Commission and Environmental Affairs
  • Economic Development Department
  • Engineering Department
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) Division
  • Planning Department
  • Sewer Division

The integration of these departments/ divisions promotes enhanced operational efficiency and communication with all Town Departments, residents, the general public, and the development community. The Executive Director of Development Services, Marc J. Tisdelle, serves as an advocate for the interests of residential and commercial property owners and strives to project a positive and business-friendly attitude to existing and prospective businesses contemplating a Stoughton expansion, location or relocation.

In addition to overseeing the operation of various departments/areas, Development Services has a strong working relationship with all Town Departments and many of the Town Committees and Boards such as, but not limited to, the Board of Selectmen, Planning Board, Conservation Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, Board of Health and the Downtown Redevelopment Task Force.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Development Services is to build and maintain a strong and effective group of departments that remain focused on providing superior customer service to the Town of Stoughton, its residents, the general public, the development community, and all Town departments while maintaining a positive relationship in all our interactions as well as a professional work environment. Our group will partner with the development community to encourage and ensure a development process that is proficient, reasonable and predictable while promoting the economic growth, safety, usability and sustainability of our Town.

Organizational Chart