Town Manager

Welcome to the Town Manager's Office

On December 12, 2022 I was honored to begin my career in Stoughton. After enjoying a successful career in business, as a State Legislator and as a Town Administrator, I’ve taken on this challenge with eyes wide open.  From a career of professional experiences, successes and mistakes, I join the Town well prepared to meet the challenges, and leverage the opportunities before us.  It’s hard to believe that almost 3 months have already passed. I apologize for not reaching out sooner.  I want you to know that I am true and committed to several core values. 

First, you can always expect transactional honesty from me.  I will respectfully say what I mean and mean what I say.  Second, I am committed to openness and full transparency. Secrets, hidden agendas and old grievances will not play any part in my decision making process nor, will they eat up the valuable time needed to do this job properly. Third, you can always expect me to use prudent fiscal judgement.  We have real financial challenges and clear solutions which will require your understanding and support.  I am not promising a “Rose Garden”.   I am promising however, that within three years, the Town of Stoughton will stand on a strong financial footing. 

We have some challenges that are among my top priorities.  As Stoughton looks forward to its 300th Anniversary, it’s important to understand that our infrastructure is old and has been neglected for decades.  We seldom appreciate the value of clean running water and efficient waste management until those services are interrupted or lost.  We all share 112 miles of Stoughton roads. Only 24.1 miles require minimal or no maintenance.  As we develop a long-term infrastructure plan, we need to coordinate the replacement of 100 year old water and waste water distribution lines with the pavement of those roads. We need to replace water meters that are not properly recording water consumption.  This may appear to be getting into the weeds.  However, the condition of our water and sewer lines, town buildings, and town roads is beneath the standard you deserve. Meeting those challenges is among my top priorities. Meeting you and hearing your views will be among my greatest joys! 

In closing, I want you to know that openness, transparency and constituent service are among my core values. Those values served me well as a business executive, business owner, legislator and municipal leader.   Your confidence in Stoughton town government is needed in order for us to move our common agenda forward.  I ask that you stay in touch, stay involved, share your thoughts and make your voice heard.


Thomas J. Calter

Information Regarding this Office

The Town Manager is the Chief Executive Officer of the town. The Town Manager is appointed by the Board of Selectmen and is responsible for all day-to-day operations of the Town under her authority.

This authority is defined by the Town Charter which is available for reference on this website. Questions, comments, or concerns may be directed to this Office relative to most Town Departments and Services. However, we do suggest that specific questions pertaining to a particular Town Department be addressed with that Department. The Town Manager's Office is glad to assist in all other inquiries. Please contact us at 781-341-1300, ext. 9211, or send us an email.

Public Records

For information on record requests, please email a request to Reggie.