Health & Nutrition Services

Health & Nutrition Services

Blood Pressure Clinic with the Stoughton Visiting Nurses: Every Thursday at the Senior Center 10:30AM.

Foot Care for Seniors: $28. Provided by nurses trained in the needs of the elderly. First Monday of the month 9:00AM-1:00PM.

At home foot care: $45. Call the COA at (781) 344-8882 for appointment.

Safety Programs:

  • The Are You Ok? Program
  • Crime Prevention Forums
  • Stoughton Police Dept. Elder Liaison
  • Emergency Evacuation Program
  • File for Life

Congregate Lunch and Meals on Wheels
OCES serves lunch at the Senior Center at 11:00AM for a $2.50 donation.

Kitchen hours are 7:30AM-12:00PM. 

Call a week in advance for reservations or they may be able to accommodate with three days notice. Call Stacey at 781-344-8882 Ext. 9516.

Call Old Colony Elder Services at 508-584-1561 for home delivery.