Rules Committee

The Rules Committee is defined under the Town Charter (Section C7-14) as follows: 

There shall be a Town Meeting Committee on Rules consisting of the Moderator, who shall be  Chairman, the Deputy Moderator ex officio, and each Precinct Chairman. All warrant Articles  shall first be referred to the Committee on Rules which shall subsequently refer the Article to the  appropriate standing committee or committees for public hearing and recommendation to the  Town Meeting. Standing committees must deliver all warrant Articles referred to them to the  Town Meeting for action on the floor. No floor action may be taken at Town Meetings without a  public hearing and a standing committee report on the Article. 


Rules Committee Members

Town Moderator

Jeanne Fleming

Deputy Town Moderator

Mark Zamanian

Chairperson, Precinct 1

George Dolinsky

Chairperson, Precinct 2

Juliann Gitto

Chairperson, Precinct 4

Richard Fitzgerald

Chairperson, Precinct 3

Carmel Trinity Drewes

Chairperson, Precinct 5

Carin Klipp

Chairperson, Precinct 6

John Malley

Chairperson, Precinct 7

David Sheehan

Chairperson, Precinct 8