Firearms Licensing Renewal Applicant

Renewal Applicant

What you’ll need:


  1. A completed LTC/FID application
  2. If renewing but new to Stoughton please have 3 forms of proof of residency (ie: utility bills, tax bills, mortgage statement, etc.) A "change of address" form must be submitted prior to renewal


Please visit for forms or additional information.

When all above requirements are met you have two renewal options:

1. Drop off a completed application form to our Records Department Monday-Wednesday 9am-4pm, Thursday 9am-6pm, or Friday 9am-12pm.  At this time you may also schedule an appointment with the Firearms Licensing Officer to complete the application process.  Please have current LTC/FID for identification purposes when dropping off application.  This is the recommended procedure for all renewals. *Please note* by dropping a handwritten application off and receiving a receipt, this will only trigger the statutory indefinite grace period for legally carrying a firearm. You will still need to make an appointment with the Licensing Officer.

2. Call our Records Secretary at (718)344-2424 during the above hours and schedule an appointment with the Firearms Licensing Officer.

Please note that in order to invoke the grace period you must either drop off your completed application form (recommended) or have an appointment with the Firearms Licensing Officer Prior to the current card’s expiration.

Be advised that due to the volume of LTC and FID applicants the licensing process has become very bogged down.  Please be patient during the licensing process.

Application fee payments are to be made at the time of the appointment with the Firearms Licensing Officer.  The fee schedule is as follows:

License to Carry Firearms       $100
Firearms Identification Card    $100
License to Carry-retired Law
Enforcement or Law Enforcement
From outside agency               $25

Note-If over 70 years of age the fee is waived ($0) on either type of license