Firearms Licensing

The following information will be required in order to apply for an LTC or FID prior to making an appointment with the Licensing Officer. Please DO NOT mail or drop off at the station, any documents, handwritten applications, fees or paperwork unless you have been directed to do so after an appointment with the Licensing Officer.

LTC/FID New applicant prerequisite information:

  • MA Driver’s License or State issued ID
  • Safety course certificate
  • Birth certificate, naturalization papers or green card
  • 2 letters of reference (include contact # for reference)
  • 1 letter to the Chief of Police stating why you are applying
  • 3 forms of proof of residence
  • Money order or check payable to Town of Stoughton for the fee (see FEES below)

First time renewal after moving to Stoughton:

  • MA driver’s license
  • 3 forms of proof of residence


  • LTC/FID New and renewal $100
  • FID pepper spray only $25
  • Renewal for full time Law Enforcement $25 (may require proof of employment)
  • Renewal over 70 years of age  NO FEE, waived

Firearms Transfers:

All necessary documents that are required for firearms transfers are maintained by the Massachusetts Firearms Records Bureau and are available on their website.
Safety Course Information:
Prior to applying, you will be required to take and provide proof of completion of an approved Firearms Safety Course. The Massachusetts Firearms Records Bureau website maintains a list of approved courses and instructors. Please see the link above.