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Renovation and Expansion Project

Funded by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC)

Review of Requirements and Process  to Apply for the Massachusetts Public Library Construction Program (MPLCP):

  • File a Long Range Plan (LRP) with the MBLC updated every 5 years.  This document is created with input from the library staff, trustees, patrons, public, and town officials to determine future programming which will meet the needs of the public.
  • File a Library Building Program: a document which provides a detailed assessment of every square foot of space in the current building, with descriptions of how each space is used, and what programs or activities are provided by the space.  The Building Program filed in 2006 was based on the current needs of the time and the expected needs for the future.
  • Complete a Feasibility & Design Study: this process includes the creation of a Library Building Committee which as appointed in 2007 to determine if it was feasible to expand, renovate or build a new Library, and if so what location would be ideal.  The Library received an MBLC grant for $40,000 with a required Town match of $20,000 to implement this study.  CBT was hired as the Architectural Design Firm to analyze the Library Building Program needs assessment for the future, and create a Preliminary Conceptual Design to meet those needs.   This Conceptual Design met the future needs of the Library as determined in 2006 based information and trends of the time.  The Library Building Committee also assessed various locations for the Library and concluded that this location was best suited due to its proximity to most of the Town Schools, within walking distance of the Town Center, commuter rail and BAT bus stop.  In 2009 the Town had also completed the purchase of two adjacent properties and built an additional parking lot for the Library.
  • In 2011 the Town submitted a grant application to the Mass. Public Library Construction Program which included the above required documents and information.  The Preliminary Conceptual Design was required in order to have something to develop an estimated cost of the project, and to provide a visual concept of the project to the public.  That same year Annual Town Meeting voted almost unanimously to borrow matching funds if the grant was successful. 
  • In 2012 the Town was notified that the grant had been approved and Stoughton had been placed 30th on the waiting list.
  • In 2016 the Town was notified that the Stoughton Library project had moved up and funds would be distributed to begin the project.  The Town Manager appointed a new Library Building Committee with Gary Ilacqua as the Chair, and Maureen Doherty, the Procurement Officer proceeded to put RFQ’s out for an Owner’s Project Manager and Architectural Design Services.  Daedalus and Finegold & Alexander were hired over the next few months and the Library Building Committee has been meeting every other week to move the process forward.
  • Developing the Final Schematic Design is underway now.  This phase takes the “conceptual” design and creates a “schematic” design that meets the needs of the Building Program as well as any needed changes that may have occurred during the 10 year waiting period. The schematic design is the actual detailed document will be followed in construction and provides the basis for a cost estimate in today’s dollars.  The Library Building Committee updated the 2006 Library Building Program and it was accepted by the MBLC as the 2016 Building Program Addendum on 5/24/16 which revised some of the space needs.  For example, 3,000 square feet had been planned in the Preliminary Design to be used for a Reference Collection, but we now carry very few Reference books as they are all accessible online, and demand for Reference help as also decreased dramatically.  Several adjustments in the Final Design were made to accommodate the changes in technology over the past 10 years.   Advances in construction methods and materials, energy efficiencies and an improved economy have also had an impact on the Final Design.  The Library Building Committee will meet on 7/18/16 to review the first round of cost estimates and reassess at that point.