Vaccination Information from Stoughton Public Health

Vaccination Information from Stoughton Public Health Association

Effective February 18 th , Massachusetts has new eligibility guidelines for individuals
wanting to receive a Covid-19 vaccination. We are still in Phase two, but eligibility
has now been expanded to all those 65 and older, residents and staff of low
income and affordable senior housing. It will also be for individuals with 2 or more
of certain medical conditions.

Along with eligibility changes, Massachusetts has now changed the vaccine
distribution process. In an effort to streamline the vaccine program and be
equitable for communities hardest hit, 20 municipalities have been identified to
receive the vaccine and become vaccination sites. Local pharmacies are also
expected to receive the vaccine and will provide vaccinations to those meeting
the criteria.

Unfortunately, Stoughton Public Health will no longer be receiving vaccine for
first dose clinics. We do expect to be administering all second doses for those
that attended our “first dose clinic”. We also will be allowed to vaccinate
homebound individuals as well as those residents in the designated housing.

Many people have their name on our “Vaccination List”. Our goal is to contact the
75 and older group to provide them with information about the how to access a
vaccination. At this time the public can go to or to to find links for vaccine appointments