Demand Fee Waived for Water, Sewer and Trash Bills Due March 19

In light of the public health crisis, the Town of Stoughton has decided not to place
the $15.00 Demand fee on the Water, Sewer and Trash bills due March 19, 2020
until April 20, 2020. This will allow water, sewer and trash users’ additional time
to pay their bills by mail.

When sending payments to the Lockbox address in Medford, checks and bill
remittances must be received. Do not send checks only to the Medford address. If
there is no remittance with the check, the payment cannot be processed and will be
returned to the Collector’s office for processing. This will delay the payment from
being posted to your bill.

If processing a payment online through your bank’s bill pay system, you must
include the bill number, year and type in the memo field (for example: bill #55,
2020 water/sewer/trash) so that your payment will be properly applied. If you are
paying multiple bills, you must include each bill number. If this information is not
included, your online check may be returned to you and interest/charges may
accrue due to a late payment. If full payment is not made by April 20, 2020, a
$15.00 demand fee will be assessed.
Please call 781-341-1300 X 9225 if you are in need of your bill number(s) and/or
amount(s) due.