Public Fire Education

Fire and Life Safety Education is critical in Massachusetts. Over the past 22 years, Department of Fire Services Public Education programs have helped to reduce fire deaths in the state. The S.A.F.E. and Senior Safe programs focus on educating vulnerable citizens about fire and life safety.

Lieutenant Gregory Goldberg- SAFE Coordinator 

The Student Awareness of Fire Education (S.A.F.E.) Program is a state initiative to provide resources to local fire departments to conduct fire and life safety education programs in grades K-12. The mission is to enable students to recognize the dangers of fire and more specifically the fire hazards tobacco products pose.

Firefighter John Hussey- Senior SAFE Coordinator

In Massachusetts, adults aged 65 and older are two times more likely to die in fires than any other age group. In FY14, the Senior SAFE grant program was created to address fire safety for older adults. The program was approved by the Massachusetts State Legislature and is funded through the Fire Standard Compliant (FSC) Cigarette program. It provides funding to local fire departments to improve fire and life safety of older adults through education that addresses the unique fire risks of this age group. 

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Arson Watch Rewards Program Poster Contest

Work From Past Contest

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Preventing fires requires everyone to be alert every day to all acts, omissions and dangers that cause fires. This year, the Stoughton Fire Department in partnership with a group of Art Students from The Robert G. O'Donnell Middle School will help teach these students this valuable lesson by participating in the ARSON WATCH REWARD PROGRAM annual fire safety poster contest sponsored by the Property and Casualty Insurance Companies of MA and RI in cooperation with the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services.

Fire safety education is important at any age level, but especially for children. Many children who play with fire do not realize the dangers and injuries their play can cause. 40% of all set fires involve children; 65% are caused by youths between the ages of 5 and 9 years old who are simply curious about fire. The majority of these fires involves matches or lighters and occurs where there is the most danger to lives and property…your home.

The annual theme is: Fire Safety – Everyone / Every day.

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