Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector Inspections

.Scheduling Smoke Detector Inspections for the Stoughton Fire Department

Stoughton Fire tries to accommodate all residents in a timely manner. Typically we schedule smoke inspections 2 weeks in advance. All inspections are done on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday mornings only. The certificate is valid for 60 days.

For questions regarding single family or two family residence(s), please contact Lieutenant Jackson Macomber @ 781-344-3170 x 9755. If you have questions about a commercial property or a multifamily dwelling 3 family or greater, please contact Deputy Chief Scott Breen @ 781-344-3170 x 9752 . To schedule an Smoke Detector Inspection you may call Kathy @ 781-344-3170 x 9750 or Lieutenant Jackson Macomber @ 781-344-3170 x 9755.

There is a $50.00* fee per unit paid at the time of inspection.  No Cash or Personal Checks are accepted. Acceptable payment is bank check, money order or local business check. Payable to the Town of Stoughton.  If there is not a representative at the inspection upon SFD arrival there is an additional $25.00* fee per unit due when rescheduled. If the inspection fails there is an additional $25.00* per unit due when rescheduled.

For all homeowners/realtors/contractors please have the existing homeowners name with the correct spelling available and a phone number to be used in case of cancellation due to an incident occurring that the inspector will be delayed or we have to reschedule. This is not a common occurrence but is needed in the event there is a major incident in or out of town.

According to Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 148, Section 59, you are to have your house number physically attached to the house, visible from the street, 3-inch numbers in height or greater, constrasting color to the house. The number may be on the door, the mailbox, a rock, a post, or the fence; that is not sufficient and is subject to failure. It is imperative the number(s) is attached to the house.

Contractors or homeowners that have renovated please provide the Fire Alarm Permit number that was issued after the plan review and fee(s) were paid. This will enable SFD to cross reference our permit records for payment, for no charge at the time of inspection.


Regulations and Guidelines