Park Street/Campanelli Park Sewer Expansion Project

The proposed Park Street/Campanelli Park Sewer Expansion Project Presentation from June 22nd was filmed by Stoughton Media Access Corporation and may be viewed as follows:

Below is the link to the presentation:

And the tv schedule can be found here (it would be replayed on the government channel):

Attached please find power points distributed during the meeting that are referred to in the presentation as well as  a map showing the number of properties by type that have signed the citizen initiated petition. The map will be updated periodically. 

Due to the fact that the petition was initiated by a property owner (as is required under the proposed funding mechanism - Chapter 23L) you will need to contact him in order to sign the non-binding petition if you wish to do so. The property owner is Paul Carter and he may be reached at 781-367-0420 or