Where is the proposed new Building?

The new building would be built on 400 Prospect Street. This location was selected after an open bid process requesting people to sell properties to us as the Town did not own a large enough parcel in a location that provided optimal response times. Two owners bid. One owner bid a larger parcel and gave an option for a smaller parcel as well. The other owner (Prospect Street) bid the one property. There was a committee of staff including the Fire Chief and Town Engineer who reviewed the bids and recommended Prospect Street. While the larger property offered some options, it was a $750,000 . The smaller of those two carved out a portion of that which did not lay out in a way we could utilize well. Additionally it was $250,000 and, again, did not meet our needs. Thus Prospect Street was selected. There has been some discussion regarding a lawsuit related to this property. The Town is NOT named in the suit. The issue is between an owner prior to the current ownership who put in the bid. The Town attorneys are aware of this and monitoring to ensure that the Town is protected. 

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1. What comprises the whole project and what is the total cost?
2. How is the borrowing paid for?
3. Where is the proposed new Building?
4. Why is the Town renovating Freeman Street if the building is so bad and why aren’t we just putting headquarters in the new building?