What programs are offered?

Individual Visits

Our Outreach Coordinator, Christine Iacobucci, currently visits individual homes, senior housing complexes as well as assisted living facilities on a monthly basis. Christine delivers pre-selected or requested library materials such as large-type books, audio books, music, and DVDs at no charge.

Site Visits

This program provides library services to seniors where they live and gather. At senior independent living facilities, such as Knollsbrook Condominiums and West Stoughton Village, Christine brings a wide selection of large-print books for the residents to choose from when they visit the Clubhouse at a pre-determined time.

The Outreach program also provides a collection of large-type books at several other "community" libraries throughout town. These collections are updated on a monthly basis for residents who are unavailable to select from at their leisure.

Requests for library materials and information not found during visits are taken and made available at the next scheduled visit.

Magnifying Device Lending

Stoughton Public Library offers several magnifying devices for visually impaired residents.

The traveler is a small portable unit that magnifies print up to 16 times. This machine can help visually impaired people read or view photographs. It is very helpful with daily tasks such as reading labels at the grocery store or managing your checkbook. It goes out for one month at a time.

The Optelec is a 17 inch color monitor-magnifying unit. These units allow the user to magnify reading material from 2 to 50 times. These units are delivered to your home and set up by the Outreach Coordinator. They go out for 2 months at a time.

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