Open Burning Season

Open air burning will begin on January 15 and will end on May 1. The following list represents the rules and regulations adopted by the Stoughton Fire Department from the State Fire Marshal's Office and governed by (Code of Massachusetts Regulations) CMR 310 Section 7.07.

  1. No burning shall start before 10:00am.
  2. No burning shall start after 1:00pm.
  3. All fires shall be extinguished by 4:00pm.
  4. Burning shall take place at least 75 feet from any structure.
  5. The fire shall never be left unattended.
  6. Your permit may be revoked at any time if the department chooses.
  7. Whenever burning, the following items shall be readily available: a garden hose, a shovel, a rake, etc.
  8. Whenever burning, be respectful of you neighbors.

The following conditions are strictly PROHIBITED.

  1. Burning on windy days (as per the department) is prohibited.
  2. Burning during dry weather (as per the department) is prohibited.
  3. Burning on commercial, business, or industrial land is prohibited.
  4. Burning grass, leaves, trash, or building materials is prohibited.

Questions - Contact Sara Blackader @ 781-344-3170 ext 9750