EMS Division

Helicopter in Air Above AmbulanceAmbulance Transport Information

If you were transported by Stoughton Fire Ambulance and would like to speak to a representative in regard to health insurance or vehicle insurance information, please contact our billing company:

P.O. Box 4110, Department 7360
Woburn, MA 01888-4110

Phone: 617-492-8484
Fax: 617-492-0806

Ambulance Run Sheet / Bill Request

If you are an attorney requesting an ambulance run sheet and/or a bill, please send the request on attorney letterhead with the client name, date and address of incident. Include an affidavit signed by the patient authorizing the release of health information. Also, include a check made payable to the "Town of Stoughton" for the total of $50 (equals $25 per report).

Records will be released in a timely manner.