Empower Digital Grant

Digital Marketing Assistance for Small Businesses

Mass Growth Capital Corporation is Offering a Grant to Assist Small Businesses with Digital Marketing (Websites, Social Media, etc.)

If you are a small business located in Stoughton and need digital marketing assistance to create or improve your website and/or social media click on the attachments below to find out if you qualify for a grant up to $5,000. For this grant you need to be nominated by an approved technical assistant. Do not attempt to apply on your own. The Economic Development Director has arranged to have an approved technical assistant help Stoughton business owners with this process. If you are interested in applying for this grant contact Trish White at Neighborworks Housing Solutions after you have reviewed the attached Resource Sheet (this sheet contains links to grant information including eligibility requirements) as well as a Powerpoint Presentation that was created by Trish to help explain the process. Trish may be contacted via email.