The Stoughton Planning Board has conducted and continues to conduct a number of planning studies within the Town. The following is a list of current and past planning projects and studies.

Ongoing Projects

Stoughton Downtown Station Area Plan
With funding provided through a technical assistance grant from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, the Town will soon begin a planning effort centered on the Stoughton Train Station and the surrounding areas looking at redevelopment potential within the Downtown.   Staff from the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) and the Cecil Group will provide consulting services.  A “Kick-off” announcement was made at the April 27th Board of Selectmen Meeting publicizing the commencement of work, and the availability of an online questionnaire.  Additional information and the scheduling of public forums will be posted when available.

North Easton/ South Stoughton Commuter Rail Station Area Plan
The towns of Easton and Stoughton will work together, with Staff from Old Colony Planning Council (OCPC), Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC), and the Cecil Group to develop a plan for the North Easton Commuter Rail Station proposed as part of the South Coast Rail Project.  The project area involves land within the RK Plaza (Roche Bros Plaza) and land in Stoughton south of the Town Line.  A “Kick-off” announcement of the project was made at the April 27th Board of Selectmen’s Meeting.  Information on the project and scheduling of public forums will be posted when available.

Completed Projects

Downtown Stoughton – Development Opportunities Report – May 2009
With a technical assistance grant funded by the Executive Office  of Transportation in support of the South Coast Rail Project, consultants examined opportunities for development downtown.

North Stoughton Overlay District - May 2006 and February 2007
With funding from the Stoughton Redevelopment Authority, the Cecil Group was hired to develop a plan for North Stoughton examining land use trends, identifying alternative development scenarios, and the preparation of a draft zoning bylaw for the area.  A report entitled Findings on Existing Conditions was provided to the Town in May 2006.  A draft Mixed-Use Overlay District Bylaw and Design Guideline Document was prepared in February 2007.

Mixed Use Development and Parking in Stoughton Center – May 6, 2006
The Planning Board retained the services of The Cecil Group to undertake a study of Downtown Stoughton evaluating opportunities for mixed use development and parking.  The project was funded through a grant from the Department of Housing and Community Development through the Downtown Initiative Program.  The study evaluated the use of land downtown and the availability of parking.  The study also developed various development scenarios within the downtown reflecting transit oriented design principles.

Stoughton Central Business District Study – September 2005
Old Colony Planning Council (OCPC) conducted a study of the downtown area with the support of funds from the Vision 20/20 for Southeastern Massachusetts Program.  The Study is a companion piece to the June 2005 Stoughton Center Mixed Use Overlay District Zoning Bylaw prepared by the Metropolitan Area Planning Council.