The Geographical Information System (GIS) Division is a critical part of the Engineering Department.  The GIS Division is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Town’s digital spatial database and for providing state-of-the-art mapping and data services to various town departments, citizens, and businesses.
A major goal of the GIS Division is to continually develop and maintain GIS to improve town efficiency and costumer service.  The GIS Division seeks to ensure that Stoughton’s public decision-makers, commissioners, and others have access to geographic information that is complete, timely, accurate, and reliable.  The Engineering Department promotes the use of the GIS and related technologies to more effectively and efficiently address problems, develop plans, and manage the natural, cultural, economic, and physical resources of the town.
We continuously upgrade the GIS database with the most current utilities, parcels, roadways, buildings along with various other data.  We are currently in the process of scanning and linking many types of as-built plans and water/ sewer tie cards to the parcel/ roadway database to aid the public and Town departments in their research and inspections.  We encourage the public to visit our GIS website via the link located on the Town’s website.  This coming year, we plan on expanding our GIS applications to aid other Town departments in collecting information or performing inspections via smart phones or tablets.  
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